Husband and Wife had a Fight.
Wife called Mom: He fought with me again,
I am coming to you.
Mom: No Sun, he must pay for his mistake,
I am coming to stay with you!

Seriously first time in Indian history. Latest funny event occurred Friends, Petrol is cheaper then Onions in India!

18. The world is here at, Sharad University…
Where are you?
At a better university.

19. A boy got rejected and girl got selected in an interview for same reason. Think? they both had the first two buttons of their shirts open in front of the CEO … Jokes!

20. A man lost on no-man’s-land Island. One day he decided to build a wood boat to save his life. Suddenly a hot girl came there and the man use the wood for making bed. Moral – A girl can change your goal.


21. Sweet Fact: If a Girl has balance in her cell, then she definitely has a boyfriend and if a boy has sufficient balance in his cell, then he surely does not have any girlfriend.

22. Heated gold becomes ornaments, beaten copper become wires, compressed rocks become diamonds and mentally tortured men become ‘Best Husbands’

23. On a romantic day titu’s GF asks him, ‘Darling on our engagement day will you give me a ring? ‘Titu: from landline or mobile.

Height of Social Networking:
A girl’s Facebook status: I’m online from Toilet!
Her sister commented on status: come
out fast, I’m getting emergency!

Q: Why did titu take his pregnant wife tiya to Pizza Hut?
A: Because they advertised ‘Free Delivery’

26. Best advice to young boys: If you want to change the nation, do it now. Once you get married, you won’t be able to change even the TV channel!

27. Why are wives ‘more’ dangerous than the Mafia?
The mafia wants either your money or life…
The wives want both!

Madam: Who searched ‘I Love You’?
Titu: China!
Madan: How?
Titu: It’s has no warranty. If works, till forever. If not, then no ever.

Dog was Chasing Titu
Titu runs, but Laughing…
A Man asked why are you Laughing? Titu replied
I have put Vodafone Sim, but the Hutch network is Following…

A Secretary came angrily out of boss cabin
colleague asked: What happened?
She replied: He asked me are you free tonight?
I said: Yes, and bastard give me 101 pages of work.


31. An astronomer was watching the sky from his telescope Santa Singh was observing him, suddenly a star falls, seeing that Santa Singh shouted, ‘Kya nishana lagaya hai!’ Waah… Waah…

32. If you think your boss is stupid.
You would not get the job.
If he was smarter.

33. The heights of Bad Luck A boy and cute girl met last time for their break up. Girl’s father and boy’s mother caught them. Now they are married couple…

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